Chocolate with spices - mix but do not shake

Today, dear ladies, I would like to introduce you to two fragrances from Il Profvmo - "Chocolat amere" and "Osmo Scents Encens Epice". I beg!

"Chocolat amere" Il Profvmo

Free description from the manufacturer’s website and the pyramid:
The manufacturer was stingy with the colorful description, so we have this: "Chocolat amere" - a fragrance for men, belongs to the group of oriental spicy. It is an oriental journey: ginger, frankincense, nutmeg with cocoa and vanilla definitely give it charisma.
Top notes: galbanum, nutmeg and ginger;
Heart notes: jasmine, rose and cocoa;
Base notes: olibanum and sandalwood.
Detailed opinion: This aroma is good for winter - it is in the cold that it acquires a certain nobility and even a hint of cloying disappears in it. On me is hot, freshly brewed coffee with cardamom and nutmeg - just made from copper cezve - and a piece of chocolate in the bite. This chocolate is not milk, without additives, but bitter, black, hard, which you can’t eat a lot. The aroma is not chocolate in itself, it has only the ghost of this delicacy, a light sweet hassle. When it dissipates, from the bottom, through the coffee grounds, a club of sweetish smoke pops up an olibanum - light as a sad farewell exhalation.
This fragrance is very warm, cozy, but not too sweet. Perfect for both winter and autumn with its rains. The cable and resistance are average.

Price: 100 ml - 120 euros on the manufacturer's website
"Osmo Scents Encens Epice" Il Profvmo

Description from the manufacturer and the pyramid:
The manufacturer decided not to describe this fragrance at all, confining himself only to this: "Aroma for men. Group: floral, amber. Character: oriental, bewitching."
Top note: resin;
Heart notes: tobacco and spices;
Base notes are olibanum and woody notes.
Detailed opinion: Absolutely magical aroma - it smells like in an oriental shop with expensive, high-quality spices. This is not even a shop, it is a real Ali Baba cave for connoisseurs of spices. He tickles his nose before sneezing with different types of peppers, caresses fragrant cardamom and warm coriander, even a slight trace of anise stars can be traced ... And all this - in neat heaps on a wooden counter; a tree heated by heat and polished by thousands of touches of human hands, exuding a delicate, warm aroma of resins. And behind the counter is the owner - an old, welcoming, with dark-copper skin of the Turks - and the gray, fragrant smoke from the tobacco that he smokes, intertwines with the smell of spices in a weightless, but beautiful pattern. Impossibly beautiful aroma, peppery-isletic, spicy and heady. Resistance and trail are also average.

Price: 100 ml for 120 euros on the manufacturer's website
And now, girls, the most delicious. I don’t know if the manufacturer writes about this, but these two flavors can be mixed. Yes, what is needed! A zilch of one on one wrist, the other on the other, and we are enveloped in a completely unbelievable, bright, seductively aromatic veil. The mixture of these two fragrances gives the flora a catchy, poisonous sexuality, even disastrous for all who had the imprudence to inhale once - and stop for the next and next breaths ...
That's all. I wish you all a wonderful evening!
I am Daria  

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