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we will talk about several essence pencils, as well as about the flickering pencil Avon glimmerstick diamonds eyeliner black ice, which did not get into the group photo
Let's start with automatic pencils. After my acquaintance with a brown pencil from this post, I wanted to look at others, too much quality pleased me. Unfortunately, I can’t say that the selection of flowers is very good, most are not in my spirit, but of course I didn’t have the right to go past the green-olive. Therefore the first guest
Resistant Eyeliner Essence long lasting eye pencil 14 think khaki!
a little flickering, such a shade is generally a rarity, in my opinion.
And the quality continued to please me: really resistant, you can not worry about it even in the heat, pleasant texture - not dry / does not cut, not soft / does not melt. For me personally, this pencil is a completely self-sufficient eye make-up (+ mascara by itself), I spent so half of the summer and, as it seems to me personally, this is the most winning color for my eyes - and emphasizes greenery, and in general is very interesting. Karoche, as you understand, I love him dearly.

probably you need to buy one more in reserve. although it is spent very sparingly.
Next, his fellow Essence long lasting eye pencil 09 cool down
I don’t know why I bought the blue color ... I believe that the blue color is a make-up perversion (and I don’t think to offend anyone, this is my opinion, which is confirmed by the complete absence of memories of at least some remembered-liked blue make-up. About my associations blue with the saleswomen already know everything, right? ...). probably I still wanted to try and make sure that yes, I understood everything correctly, and we cross out blue. Well, I just really wanted a similar pencil, but the choice was small.
So, the characteristics are exactly the same as the previous pencil. Unless this one is matte.
In daylight, I stubbornly went out blue:
in fact, it is a bit darker, by tone, in an electric light, a more reliable shade:
here it seems to be a little shiny, but ... it's dull.

Well, now, ta-dam, I nevertheless, in order to avoid educational programs that brown eyes and blue are a super-mega-duet, I will post a picture with khe-khe in a general way,
I am separate, arrows separately. there is a feeling that they are now getting down and going for a walk, because nothing holds them there, there’s nothing for them to attach themselves to. in general, bye-bye.
Of course, the unsuitable color is not his fault, otherwise the characteristics are just as good, so I give a rating of 5 to both pencils and recommend them.
Duration: 2.5 months
Cost: 25 UAH (100 rubles)
Another automatic eyeliner put in a word - Avon glimmerstick diamonds eye liner (black ice)
I bought it, probably, from six months ago, after one enthusiastic response. By the way, a very interesting shade is presented on the pencil itself:
a kind of flickering graphite. But in reality it will be darker
dark dark gray, with some purple undertones.
In general, the pencil is cute, also resistant, convenient for drawing, although with this very drawing it has jambs - it leaves some bald spots.
and I have one problem with it - despite the persistence (do not wash it off with water), it is absorbed throughout the day forever, and by the time I get home, I just have a hint of color and lots of sparkles in my eyes. The base decides, but I don't really like to put pencils on the base.
here it should be seen that he painted over not very intensively. it seems like it is supposed that black should just cover up well, but no.
I rarely wear it, just in case for something smart.
Rating: 3. I do not remember the price.
Remained two kayals from essense. I didn’t look in their direction, however, I gave my opaque brown pencil to my mother, went away almost all summer without a brown one, but in mid-August I realized that I should. I didn’t even consider other options, but, of course, my brown was not there, I decided to look at other pencils, and I really liked this brown-bronze one
Eyeliner Essence Kajal pencil 08 teddy
the quality is telephone, but to show how it looks in general (although ... it was hardly possible to expect something "innovative", I love this word so much)).
I’ll say right away, by the way, that I don’t use pencils for eyeliner mucosa (and the further I go, the more I don’t use it). even one stroke causes me simply an ocean of universal grief ... the lenses, I see, have done their job (even taking into account the fact that I have not been wearing them for almost a year now, that's it ...).
Here is such a good saturated color, I like these:
The texture will, of course, be softer. But I would not say that the greasy straight blurred. Could have been a little drier, but not critical for me. It is normally sharpened, that’s okay, that’s good. The pencil itself is not resistant, but as an arrow holds to victory.

I don’t know how to lower the lower eyelid, so please forgive this jamb. although it shows that it is fat for the lower eyelid - the mascara on it wished to clump, although it itself is so kind of ...
A pencil is stewed well, maybe even more than it should. In general, I’m just a master at the inability to paint everything at all, and such a thing as pencil shading, I began to master about the appearance of these pencils, without even thinking about it before, so my opinion on this subject is amateurish.
kagbe I would like a little more pencil left. at least for eyelashes ... well ... no, he says, you will not have such happiness. okay ...
I rate this pencil at 4-. Could be a little less bold, a little better to stew, but the fact that this is generally ...
However, objectivity is objectivity, but nevertheless I liked this pencil. First of all, for a very beautiful brick-brown color, well, and then I do not extinguish pencils, as I’ve done without it all my life, but a habit - you know what. Therefore, I often wear it, especially when I decide to get by at least - I put just a couple of points in the corners of my eyes, mascara - and went to myself.
Well, if you liked it, you need to look at another color, right? I watched Essence Kajal pencil 21 feel the eclipse.
I won’t show the pencil myself, it’s the same (the third one is on the main photo), it’s only sharpened to the point of madness. it is even softer than the previous one, so the stump comes out and that's it. it turned out to be such a reusable pencil ... It is very dark blue in color, so cosmic, almost black. He, in general, looks black for a century, but in the sun this cosmicity is revealed. Here he is on his hand:
lay down not so much ah (well, he lays down so well), the color here is such a gray-black-blue-violet some kind. Here before our eyes:
I think this is the maximum color that can be seen in daylight. well, since there has been little bright sun lately, somehow I didn’t manage to capture the violet overflows (do they exist? I don’t even know ...)
and some strange stain is stewed:
In general, I did not like him. and primarily because after several uses it can be in the trash. the color is interesting, but not enough to buy it every week. 2 him, went into the trash.
in general, I can’t recommend these pencils (with a clear conscience, at least), but the shades in the line are really interesting.
These are the pies with kittens.
p.s. can you advise some good pencils for shading? I’m still interested, I see interesting solutions on girls, and I would like it soooooo, but even with the help of tutorials and cotton sticks in Vaseline / lip gloss, I get some rubbish ...

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