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Autumn New Lumene Illuminating Anti-age BB Cream SPF 20 with arctic cloudberry tone 02

And again, the European analogue of bb cream. We'll see?

An ordinary tube, not a very convenient blunt nose. And the smell ... It smells of freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum! I know that the Vitamin C + series contains Arctic cloudberries, but my nose stubbornly perceives this cloudberry as citrus. The whole series smells like oranges to me.

The consistency is similar to Asian BB creams, it is as dense and viscous, but it is very easy to apply to the skin, as if spreads under the fingers and evenly distributed on the face.
I propose to compare what the average static Asian analogue of BB cream can do (italicized) and compare this with the capabilities of Lumine BB cream:
1.ymoistens. With BB cream, hydration is enough for me, I do not use any additional funds.
2.atevens skin tone, brightens freckles, age spots, due to whitening componentsat. Ha! The skin tone evens out perfectly, but not due to whitening (photo below)
3. masking defects i.e. replaces concealer, concealer. Indeed, it masks the defects, but not tightly, it will completely smooth out the slight redness, but it will not cope with serious traces of acne.
4. <>> acts as a sunblock. Has SPF 20.
5. has powerful regenerative propertiesbut - Well, unfortunately, nothing of the kind was noticed.
6. gives a natural, "no makeup look". Wow! It lies completely invisibly on the skin, in an even thin layer, during the day it does not slip anywhere, does not fall into the pores. I withstood the 40 degree heat, with the help of matting napkins I stayed on my face almost until the evening, and without extreme conditions it really withstands a whole working day.
Let's move on to the fun pictures:
As usual, a pimple swatch.
As you can see, the red spot is still noticeable. And it is also noticeable how much this bb is darker than my skin. I deliberately didn’t shade the borders so that you could see the difference between my skin and a dark bibik ... Apparently my skin tone is closer to pale gray Asian counterparts than to European ones.
And again, my half-face.

Hehe. Even the funniest, from a pale, slightly spotty grebe, I turned into a cheerful yellow-skinned girl. But with an even tone. Okay, the tone is not mine.
Now look at the pores.
Bare cheek.

then almost invisible. It's even a shame that the bb is so yellow.
I think in our country there are not so many pale-skinned girls, so such a slightly yellowish tint is suitable for many, especially in summer, for tanning. And if you do not want to mess with orders in online stores, but really want to use BB cream, and if you have a yellow skin tone, then I recommend that you pay attention to Lumin! A very worthy representative of the Bibikov family!
And I will take it with me on vacation, I think with a sea tan it is very similar!
Price: about 10 dol
Test period: more than 2 weeks

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