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Is it possible to remove the pink undertone from the foundation?

Good day, lovely girls!
I ask you to tell me, is it possible to somehow make the beige-pink foundation cream more beige?
I bought a YSL Teint radiance in shade 6 at the beginning of summer and only at home after a few days saw its name Pink Beige.
And all would be fine, but now the tan is gone, I don’t want to support it with a solarium, and the pink tint of this cream has become noticeable. not only is it dark to me now, it’s also pink. I usually solved the problem of darkness by mixing with a moisturizer, but with the YSL Teint radiance this trick does not work, it becomes lighter, but still a little pinkish ...
I am very sorry for the money spent, so I ask for advice, can anyone come across such a problem?
I am thinking of buying a very light pure beige shade and mixing it with the YSL Teint radiance. Tell me, will this help remove the pink?
I also read that white bases for make-up help, but they are white only in the bottle, on the face they are transparent.
Thanks for attention! Katya.

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