Rainbow on the nails

Hello! My today's review will be devoted to holographic varnish from Pupa.

Want to extend the summer? Follow me, please!

Full name of varnish: Pupa Holographic Nail Polish # 035
Detailed opinion: Looking through posts in the lacomaniac community, I always looked dreamily at Pupa holographic swatches, and recently I finally saw the coveted varnish in the store. I am very pleased with the purchase!
The varnish has an average consistency - not too liquid, but not too thick - and a thin brush, which for me is sometimes a problem. I love thick brushes like Rimmel varnishes. Despite the brush, it is applied easily, does not give bubbles and does not strip. In one layer it covers the nail well, so that if you wish you can avoid the “layer cake” on the nails. It dries very quickly, in about ten minutes, does not give gloss, so from above I supplement the varnish with the top. Standard durability - can withstand two days without problems, then begins to disappear from the tips. The biggest plus of this varnish is its stunning color and shiny multi-colored overflows. The varnish looks interesting in electric light, but all the beauty, of course, is manifested in the sun.
To summarize. I really liked this varnish, most likely I will continue my acquaintance with the holographic Pupa family. :)
So the varnish looks in electric light:

Daylight lamp:

In the sun:

Price: 170 rubles
Rating: 5 points

Watch the video: Colour block rainbow acrylic nails (February 2020).