Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment for Dry, Damaged Hair Reviews

Hello dear beauticians!
Today I will tell you about those products that save my hair from moisture loss, dryness.
These are three masks of well-known professional firms:
Paul mitchell

You understand that summer, sun, wind, sea, pool, chlorinated and salt water do not make hair better. Therefore, they must be saved! I am saved by these means, and I’ll say right away that the reviews will be only positive.
1) Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturiser

My opinion: I used this mask in the winter. Then the hair was nourished and not damaged, so she did not cause any special enthusiasm for me. I used it for prophylaxis once a week.
But when summer happened and I realized that my hair looked like a washcloth and that this was my only moisturizing mask, I began to use it more often and it did not disappoint me.
The consistency of the mask is light, squeezed out easily, it is thin and sliding, the smell is subtle, pleasant.
Effect: wonderful! I applied the mask for an hour after washing, dried it with a hairdryer, and when I removed the towel, my hair was dried out, there was no trace of the mask, so it was soaked into poor hairs! When I washed it off, I felt that my hair was very slippery, pleasant. When dry, they also pleased me - smooth, heavy, the ends are moist and do not puff, there are no antennas, that is, fluffing in length. I am very pleased with the mask, if you use it constantly, the effect will be noticeable. I'll take it as soon as possible.
The price is about $ 12 per 250 ml.
Rating 5+
2) LANZA Moisture Treatment KB2 Super hydrator with natural shine enhancers

My opinion: I ordered this remedy when I realized that I have only one moisturizing mask and it is ending. For a long time I wanted to try the means with proteins and my choice fell on Lansa.
The mask smells good with vanilla corn sticks, and the appearance and consistency of blueberry yogurt. At first I didn’t even believe that it was a tritment and licked Yeah, no, that's right, it doesn’t taste yogurt at all.
It is well distributed through the hair, it is necessary quite a bit, when used twice a week, 125 ml flew off in two months. I believe that the expense is more or less economical.
The effect also really liked - dense strong hair, do not break, do not fluff, seemingly healthy. True, my shine disappears from protein products, but for the sake of restoration and healthy hair I will tolerate, there is not much trouble.
The downside is that 100 ml of this product costs about 500 rubles. Therefore, if I buy it again, then only when I get rich
Rating 5+.
3) Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment For Dry, Damaged Hair

Here is a mask in a tube:
My opinion: famous Hydrator Joyko! How many ods he has sung and will be sung yet!
To say that I liked him was to remain silent. This is the best mask I've ever had, but I had a lot of them (here about my masks).
The consistency of the Hydrator, like that of the simplest hand cream, it smells salon, sweet, pleasant. As part of some usefulness in the form of a keratin complex and oils.
I don’t know how to describe the effect of the Hydrator ... Do you know how the girls' hair looks in Pantin’s advertisement? So, I have the same after this mask, although by nature they are dry and porous + dried by the sun over this summer. Mom asked if I had already done the lamination. I replied that no, I just bought a new mask, but I didn’t believe the campaign.
The hair really becomes super-smooth, silk, in the pictures shine like crazy, it is clear that they are healthy and strong!
I don’t know what to add anymore. The only thing that I will now constantly keep this mask at my fingertips.
The price is 18 dollars.
Score 5 and a million pluses.

As a result, the hair is perfectly moisturized and looks good, I am pleased with them.
I hope it was helpful.

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