Essie - Mint candy apple, Lapis of luxury, A crewed interest, Lacquered up

Good day, girls!
I would like to show some more Essie varnishes.
Welcome to view!

Lucky on a camomile:
From left to right: Mint candy apple, Lapis of luxury, A Crewed Interest, Lacquered up
And now in order.
Essie - Lacquered up
Detailed view:
Retro car lacquer, bright red, glossy. Pretty liquid - it is very easy to apply both with our version of the brush and with a thin, American one. Transparent even in two layers. At three, I think, too. I really didn’t like it, to be honest, but in the store I didn’t notice it ...
But I still like him :)

Essie - Lapis of luxury
Detailed view:
Very good blue color! Denim, without a single sparkle.
Lacquer highly liquid. At first I even thought that it was diluted with something
Nevertheless, this does not prevent them from painting, on the contrary, it’s very convenient for me personally. Do not strip. In one layer it is transparent, in two it gives a good coating. Shines through a little bit, it is not noticeable.
The gloss is medium. I always cover the top. In the photo there is only varnish, in two layers.

Essie - Mint candy apple
Detailed view:
Beautiful peppermint varnish. The application is not as simple as the previous ones, but you can handle it. I have a thin brush with it.
Stripes in one layer. Two layers, in some cases three, correct the situation. A little thickened over time.
I took it out of interest ... Yet the most popular varnish Essie. The color is perfect, you can not argue with that.

Essie - A Crewed Interest
Detailed view:
Varnish from this year's spring collection. I liked it very much both in the first photos and in my life. Delicate peach color with a pink rose.
Alas, I did not succeed in applying it with the original thin brush. Changed, there are no more problems with the application. The only thing is a little thick. In such cases, I wash the neck and drip Essie fluid-e. It helps for a while.
Lies hard enough on the nails, with a pie, like the previous Mint candy apple. But the color ...
I paint them often, already half used.

The price of varnishes is approximately 280 rubles.
I wear for 2-4 days.
Thanks for attention!
I’m Lena, to me on “you”.

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