The many faces of Orly Space Cadet

I'll tell you about the unusual varnish Orly
I periodically get very wedged on glitters and chameleon varnishes, therefore it is not surprising that one fine day Space Cadet was enlisted in the military orderly ranks of the varnish troops. I can’t determine exactly what I was guided by buying this handsome one, but in my defense I can say that such a charm can calmly gather dust on the dressing table and delight the eye with its overflows;)

More details: A strange varnish based on greenbacks. By God, on the green! Because the brilliant green diluted with water in a decent amount and the glitter added there looks the same - I checked. So the first coat of varnish looks, to put it mildly, unsightly, but it dries of course quickly. The second layer significantly corrects the situation and instead of alien-painful nails of an incomprehensible green tint, a pretty decent coating is obtained - the green stuff does not go away completely, but a very large glitter blocks this disgrace. I wear SC only in three layers, as the overflows come out richer and there is the opportunity to get an unexpectedly pleasant shade. The varnish is worn for a long time - about five days, then it begins to wear off at the edges. It is difficult to erase, leaving all the same spots from the green on the cotton disk. In general, I really like this varnish. It is so unusual, very mannered, but completely autumnal, as it seems to me. Therefore, let it lie down until the end of September;) and only then, when the leaves turn yellow and the spicy aroma of autumn soars in the air, I will wear it all day
Price: 220 rub

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