The Realm of Flavors - A Short Review

What to bring from the Crimea? wine, of course Wonderful cosmetics "Kingdom of aromas"! She has a rather large assortment, and in order to possibly help someone to orientate in it, or perhaps to open this interesting brand for someone, I wrote a review on several face preparations and cuticle balm. These tools, and in more detail - everything is under the cut.

A few words about my skin - I’m 22 years old, combination skin prone to dryness, pores are easily clogged, sometimes an acne can come out from improper care
So, let's go in order from left to right.
1. The Realm of Flavors Cosmetic Cream Chamomile. For normal skin.
The photo:

Detailed view:
I’ll translate a little: A cream of light and delicate texture with extracts of medicinal plants and essential oils. For daily care of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, as well as around the eyes. It stimulates the protective functions of the skin, moisturizes, tones, has an antiseptic effect. Improves complexion. Promotes the treatment of acne.
I did not really like this remedy - apparently, due to the large amount of mustard oil. It moisturizes well, I don’t argue, it doesn’t clog pores, but after it they are ugly - I’m afraid that they can become clogged with constant use (I use it a couple of times a week in frosts.
It has a strong smell of essential oils, a little even pinches the eyes.
I think it will be good for normal, closer to dry skin.
Testing period - periodically use 10 months.
Rating: 4.
2. The Kingdom of Aromas Natural Aromatic Water Lavender
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Detailed view:
Designed for sensitive and problematic skin.
It contains only water and lavender essential oil. In summer, it suits me perfectly as a tonic, including under a cream, and just wiping the skin in the heat, actually relieves irritation, for example, after shaving.
I also love the scent of lavender
Last year, I took the same water with Ylang-ylang, also a great thing.
Testing period - 3 weeks.
Rating: for the summer - 5.
3. The kingdom of aromas Cosmetic mask with lemon for normal and oily skin
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Detailed view:
A lot has been said about this mask, including at the Beautician. I join all the positive reviews! This is my first CA product, taken as early as 17 years old, and since then the 4th bottle of the Lemon mask has been on my shelf.
Here is what the manufacturer promises us:
Cosmetic mask "Lemon" with lemon paste and essential oils of lemon, orange, grapefruit - for skin care with enlarged pores, wrinkled, irritated, prone to pigmentation.
The complex of plant extracts and essential oils has a refreshing and tonic effect, neutralizes bacteria, protects against the formation of ulcers.
Nourishes, tightens pores, smoothes minor wrinkles, gently whitens, removes traces of fatigue.
The first is a wonderful citrus flavor. An interesting consistency, with pieces - there is no doubt in the naturalness of the mask. The mask cleanses the skin well, at the same time without overdrying - just what I need. Excellent fresh complexion, smooth clean skin + with constant use there is a whitening effect. And all this combined with aromatherapy!
Testing period - over 5 years.
Rating: 5+++!
4. The kingdom of fragrances Choco Cream Fruits'n'choco Nourishing Face Mask
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Detailed view:
I understand that this is a new series of CA, even in design significantly different from the previous ones. And one name is Chocolate! I just could not pass by.
However, the composition is quite comedogenic - sunflower oil, cocoa butter ... I will use this mask in cold weather, when my skin peels terribly and becomes hypersensitive. I tried it several times - the mask is very nutritious, you can not use the cream after it, and of course it smells simply breathtaking - such a real delicate chocolate!
Testing period - 2 weeks.
Rating: 4.
5. The Realm of Flavors Cosmetic Balm Charming Marigolds
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Detailed view:
There is a description in Russian on this balm, so I won’t duplicate it)
Easy to use - there is a brush for applying.
I use on the cuticle and around the nail - I have very problematic places. Stress, vitamin deficiency, wind and frost - just one thing is enough, and you can not look at the cuticle without fear. Although constantly, several times a day I use hand cream.
I used to apply peach oil, this time I decided to take a special remedy. And I did not regret it - in 2-3 nights the cuticle just changes, and the manicure looks great.
I put it in the evening, I rub it in and after half an hour somewhere a series of Dr. House go to bed.
It also smells of essential oils.
Testing period - 3 weeks.
Rating: 5.
I hope my review will be useful to someone.
Let a piece of summer always be with you, even if only on a shelf with cosmetics!

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