Butter London Rosie Lee

Hello! Today, my post is about Rosie Lee glitter, as well as duets with his participation.

I am such a terrible "lover" of pink that so far I have had only one varnish of this shade and the antediluvian halogen graphics Nail Prisms Sally Hansen. And now, in a fit of yet another aggravation of shopaholism, I bought a completely pink varnish, and even glitter. The eclipse on me has not found otherwise. In general, what is shown in the picture and what comes in the long-awaited mail package does not always coincide. In the picture, the color of the varnish looked deeper and darker, it even seemed that in addition to pink glitter, some other dark burgundy or gray was added, probably this bribed me)) But in fact the varnish turned out to be just pink. Having done a manicure, I realized that it’s not enough for me to only have pink sparkles and experiments)), but about them later, now about the varnish itself.
So, the varnish is the usual consistency for glitter. Glitters themselves, maybe someone will tell me a more adequate word of a small size and their concentration in the varnish is quite dense. The varnish dries instantly, well, there is no problem with wearing it)) nothing will fly off, do not even hope, 5-7 days are guaranteed. It is removed, like all glitters, not immediately - you first need to attach a cotton pad for 2-3 minutes. Well, now the photo itself, first in a single coat of varnish
lays down quite evenly, if there is a ballet somewhere - it easily gets better
now two layers ...

In two layers, almost the entire nail is covered with glitterinks, you can finish off the third layer, but it will not change the picture much. The color is closer to cool pink. My camera has an unspoken vow - not to show anyone how much varnishes actually shine, so you have to take my word for it, glitters - tear your eyes out! Well, like all glitters actually ...
Under artificial lighting, the hue becomes warmer and slightly darker.

Of course it’s beautiful, but I haven’t figured out where to go with such nails yet, I’ve picked up something like this, I’d like to somehow balance the varnish's light thinking with something darker)) and you can go out into the light of day
photo: Look - Clarins, girl - Mango, bag - Furla, shoes - Christian Louboutin
But as I said, all this seemed to me a little, I wanted a dark foundation, that's what happened))
Butter London Rosie Lee + NOX twilight Sangria

Butter London Rosie Lee + Orly Iron Butterfly

Butter London Rosie Lee + Dior Tuxedo

Butter London Rosie Lee + Zoya Diana

Butter London Rosie Lee + Nubar Dolcetto

In general - I liked the varnish, especially in combination with others
according to this score - 5. Price - 12 pounds plus 10% discount
Good mood to you all. Your lola

Watch the video: NAILS butter london rosie lee (February 2020).