Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer Reviews

My post today is dedicated to the undoubted hit of this summer, the 2012 luxury limit - Estee Lauder varnish in shade No. C5 Molten Lava!
He already had several reviews at the Beautician, I will supplement them with mine.
The desire to purchase this varnish from me appeared immediately after a test in the Estee Lauder Corner. Now this is my favorite favorite.
Fans and just interested traditionally invite you to enjoy the beauty of this beauty product

Full name of varnish: Estee Lauder Pure color nail lacquer in shade No. C5 Molten Lava collection summer 2012
Detailed opinion: Incredibly beautiful varnish was introduced by Estee Lauder in its 2012 summer collection. Although many do not consider it summer at all, nevertheless this does not detract from its effectiveness! A hue of molten lava, dark purple, dusted with volcanic ash, with a shimmering golden raspberry shimmer resembling a burning fire in red-hot magma. Deep stylish shade in the texture of the cream (with shimmer impregnations) allows you to apply the varnish in 1 layer perfectly. It has its own gloss and needs a top only for extending socks on nails. It dries quickly - about 5 minutes. If you apply the 2nd layer, it will dry in the same time
The varnish is moderately liquid, moderately plastic. does not leave streaks, does not paint the nail plate (I always use the base) It has a coating resistance - it will delight you perfectly 3-5 days. In the last days, the socks begin to wear off the tips (as with all dark or colored varnishes). Comfortable brush: flat and not very wide (like OPI)
In general, this is a 100% hit, I think, not only this summer, but also next fall! I can’t note its some similarities in type with Chanel Paradoxal, but Molten Lava is more saturated, deep, but does not have the ability to chameleon like Paradoxal - from brown to gray or purple! What can I say, they are both good, for a collection, for a stylish manicure ...
Well, now eloquent swatch!

and closer
It caused me associations with black pearls, with small river or expensive black Tahiti ... but nevertheless this varnish reminds me very much of the mother of pearl of the black pearl

And the general view:

Price: 900 p.
Rating: 5 with a million pluses!

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