Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Yummy Berry

Hello girls! I want to tell you about Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Yummy Berry.

Detailed opinion: Packaging - a regular tube, no frills. The applicator for applying gloss is quite convenient. When the glitter in the tube begins to end, problems arise with squeezing the glitter out. Well, this is generally not a secret, typical for such packaging.
The texture is thick, viscous. Gloss is a bit sticky, but its durability is very decent, lasts 3-4 hours easily.
The shade of Yummy Berry is bright red in a tube and translucent with a slight hint of color when applied to the lips.
Separately, I want to note the wonderful sweet smell of berries, it smells of chewing gum and sweets from childhood. Very appetizing, I want to smell it constantly)) By the way, the shine even tastes sweetish.
On the lips, the gloss is pleasant, does not spread and does not flow into folds.
Swatch on hand:
Bare lips:
On the lips:

In the sun:

I think Victoria's Secret shine is very worthy for its price. A large assortment of shades and wonderful smells. The only negative is a little stickiness.
Term of use: 3 months
Rating: 5
Price: 350 rub
Thanks for attention. I'm Masha.