Guerlain Terracota Gloss Moisturising Sun Shimmer Gloss SPF 15 - reviews

The summer collection of Guerlain has already been covered at the Beautician from all sides :) well, and I will make my contribution. I don’t know how in Russia, but here the whole Pucci collection is "lying on the floor, nobody eats it" - there are in all stores and in a full assortment. So if you want, I think I’ll have time to buy both blush and meteorites for the collection ...
The photo:
Detailed opinion: I am not a big fan of gloss, because they are liquid, sticky, flow away and are covered with hair and dust of roads. But this absolutely does not apply to this brilliance, it is somehow thick, like jelly. It does not leak and is not sticky at all. The smell is pleasant, there seems to be no taste. The packaging reminds me of Arabian tales (the pretzel felts on the lid inspired such an association, the fact of the existing Arab cushion for the sofa in a similar color scheme ...)
I confess that when I bought it, I hoped that blue would magically transform into something else on my lips. Made up, and the first reaction is blue. On the lips it is as blue as on the hand. Only the second time I noticed that the gloss also needs a little time to sit down, and the lips get a completely wearable color, with which I received a lot of compliments.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):

on the lips the effect of "I'm frozen"

And on the face it looks pretty nice to me, in my opinion :-)
Price: about $ 30
Test period: a couple of weeks.
Yes, the shine is blue, it does not look very natural. But do pale beige lipsticks and shines look natural? I really like! Won Illamaska ​​already sculpts green lipsticks, compared with them, the bluish shine is the flowers :)
Mercy for attention ...

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