Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Reviews

hello girls. Today I want to tell you about the new Quickliner for Eyes Intense Eye Contour Clinics. I have Intense Charcoal in number 5.

they appeared on sale in June, and differ from ordinary automatic pencils in black packaging.
I'm not a big color pencil, I usually use black, but the black color of these pencils casts into blue, which I don’t need at all, so I took gray, but the color is excellent.

on the back there is a sponge for blending, resilient, rubbery, it extinguishes well.

color - dark gray, dense

rare sparkles are visible in the sun, they are read in the eyes of en, but they make the color not flat.

about quality - well, here the new clinic was a success! the pencil is soft, something between a wax and gel texture, which makes it glide easily, very smoothly, without lumps, and looks like a liquid eyeliner. it is fixed very quickly, literally a minute - and that’s it, no longer shade it. In the photo below I tried to shade just after about a minute.

here, I was brushing the second line right away - it’s clear that, because of its softness, it is well baked.

the douse is also washed off not just, in the photo it is very strongly rubbed under the stream. while makeup remover is washed off well, without residue.

many may not like the fact that it is automatic, and, therefore, it does not have a sharp tip. this problem can be easily fixed by sharpening the stylus on paper. This fact does not bother me at all, because I draw my arrows with any pencils and brushes - I’m used to it.

here I must say that this is so far the only pencil that somehow rests on the mucosa. if the rest, without exception, the kayals appear on the lower eyelashes within an hour, then this traces it will find its tracks where it should be, and after 6 hours:

rating - 5 ++
price - about 800r without discounts.
testing period - 2 weeks.

Watch the video: Review on Clinique Quickliner for Eyes intense! (February 2020).