Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow Reviews

with flash:
without flash:
Detailed opinion:
Shadows were bought before my birthday. I licked them for a couple of months and all waited for my birthday and discounts.
Letual will have a 25% discount on Letters 13-15 of the month on which his birthday is. Only a passport must be taken! and on the birthday itself if SMS comes - you can also take a passport and a phone with SMS and go empty the wallet and Letual.
but it was a digression :) and now about the shadows.
I actually expected that I really couldn’t make up with them. I was very scared here! for the first test I took a rather thick brush, and was very surprised! the shadows were very loose, and most importantly - I was more than satisfied with the result for centuries! especially admired the darkest shade, 4! it’s just quite a bit to get an excellent result.
although maybe I'm crying pale, judge for yourself from the photo below. but for me personally it’s quite a beautiful and quite pigmented make-up!
1 - pearl white (although I may be wrong. Well, like artificial pearls!)
2 - lilac with gold.
3 - pearl pink.
4 - ink.
all of them together gather dust in a box :))))))))))))))) except that 4 are not so strong. they are all about the same in quality ... perhaps they are lighter and fresher.
Of course, for greater beauty, it’s better to paint on a pencil backing, but compared to the torment I imagined, a pencil backing, in my opinion, is a trifle!
for them was bought a pencil Revlon, plum.
a nasty little pencil. firstly, it’s impossible to get such brilliant beauty as on a swatch on a century (especially since I don’t like to crawl very much along the ciliary edge, so that I can hardly see it), and secondly, it hides on the bare eyelid .
so for these shadows I make a whole pie in front of my eyes. base, then pencils, and then shadows. with a colored backing they play much better!
and apply these shadows with a dry brush.
if the base is on the eyelid, they hold on well. and if there is no base, they roll down thanks to the pencil. Without the base and the pencil, they behave satisfactorily, I stayed for half a day. Then I washed it off.
I am very pleased with them. Well, the problem of the “pie” in front of my eyes, I think, is being solved with a different pencil, of better quality.
... and I can also say that with these shadows I get a lot of compliments :))))))))))))
my first pancakes are lumpy:
Three colors, without No. 2. There is no pencil backing:
there are already all the colors, also without a substrate. But you can see how it glitters with golden No. 2:
but my use in the future.
at first for 2/3 centuries a white pencil, on the outer third - Revlon pencil, both pencils are very shaded.
then shadows: No. 1 to the inner corner, then No. 3, in the outer corner to No. 4, and between 3 and 4 a piece of No. 2 - so that it shone with gold.

about 1840 rub.
Test period:
2.5 months.

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