Chanel Ombre d'Eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow Reviews

Good day, connoisseurs of cosmetics!
Today I will share my opinion about these shadows:
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Detailed opinion:
The shadows are biphasic, at rest the color settles at the bottom, and a clear liquid remains on top. But once they are shaken a little, all the contents are mixed into a homogeneous mass, an interesting toy.
Smell missing
Colour gold
Application the native brush turns out well, the color fits tightly. But you can’t open your eyes immediately after application, the shadows will clog into the folds of the eyelid, you need to wait 10 seconds before drying, by the way, immediately after application, you feel a chill on the eyelid.
In sock behaves on my eyelids with oily skin pretty well for about 4 hours, then it gradually moves out to the same folds.
Make-up remover without any problems, any means intended for this, but it must be washed off carefully, glitter can remain.
Volume 6 ml
Shelf life after first opening 6 months But I have been using them for a year now, so far I have not affected quality.
On the arm (daylight without sun):
In the sun:

On the general background:
Price: 1100 rub.
Test period: 1 year
Thanks for attention!