Odri Nail Polish. #15

Odri Nail Polish. Tone 15.
Good day to all. I want to tell you about one more varnish of the Audrey line.

Detailed opinion: I won’t talk much, only in essence.
I like varnish, like the two previous ones. A bit more saturated color than I expected, but still beautiful and juicy.
It is applied well, evenly, without much moodiness. It lasts 2-3 days, which is pretty decent at its cost. Dries fast. The brush is comfortable. By consistency, the varnish is moderately liquid - it does not drip from the brush like water, and does not reach for the brush.
On swatch applied in 2 layers, in my opinion this is optimal, because when applied in one layer, the free edge of the nail will be visible.

Price: 4 hryvnia / $ 0.5
Rating: 5.
I hope it was interesting to see this shade.
To me on the "you". I am Alice.