Sisley Phyto-Lip Star Extreme Shine Reviews

Good afternoon, beauticians! There is so much heat on the street that I want to get into the freezer and live there until the end of August.
In order to remove the heat a bit, by visualization, I wear my favorite shines of ice color.
I am pleased to introduce you to the court against luxury mass - Sisley phyto lip vs Bourjois 3D.
To Tsikavo, I ask for a cat.

Sisley phyto-lip star extreme shine # 01 Diamond will go first
Here he is, handsome!

This is how he looks on his lips under different lighting conditions:

Detailed opinion: my love with icy shines began seven years ago, either with Maybellin, or Loreal. Manufacturers proudly call this color always - diamond, or puree diamond. Because initially it is so nondescript, when applied it plays with all the colors of the rainbow, just like a real diamond! I love this color passionately for its versatility. It is ideal for summer and winter, and morning and evening. It all depends on what kind of eyes do. As a daytime make-up, for me it is practically not replaceable at all, so this is the only gloss (color) that I smear to the end and buy a new one. And for the evening, I always use it when I do "fatal smokeys-ice." Also, it fits perfectly under silver-gray, blue, black clothes, and of course, under silver and white gold!
The Sisley phyto-lip star # 01 Diamond shine is the most positive. Of all diamonds, this is the most modest. Those. when an absolute rainbow is not needed, but a restrained brilliance and radiance are needed. Courts, moderately sticky. It smells gently, the brush is very comfortable.
Can be worn over lipsticks, which greatly transforms them.
Rating: of course 5+!
Price - about 50 dollars = 400 UAH.
Slice of Ice from the Mass - Bourjois Effet 3D Cosmic Brillant Lipgloss # 21

On the lips, under different lighting conditions:

Detailed opinion: below I will give Swatch both side by side, for clarity, the differences are precisely the color. The bourgeois has a more diamond shimmer, larger and shimmering, with lots of purple mist. Visually enlarges the lips, but sticky enough and leaves a white strip. It is washed off / removed simply and better than Sisli. Silver glitter from Sisli can only be removed with effort and with the help of special tools. Otherwise, if you do not update it during the day, these glitters will be until the evening. Lips, as if sprinkled with small, small silver glitter. The bourgeois is removed simply with a napkin, leaving no trace and dust. When you need a thicker, more saturated ice-diamond effect, I take it.
The durability of both - like many shines, a couple of hours or - until the first snack.
Grade: 4-, for stickiness and white strip
Price - about $ 15 = 120 UAH.
Swatch on hand, with different lighting of both, for clarity. And still, all the modulations and radiance of the camera can not be completely caught.

Thank you for watching until the end.
I wish you a cool and pleasant evening.
I'm Cori, you are with me.

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