Summer with Orly Nail Lacquer "Glowstick"

Hello to all!
This summer, I, like many other girls, decided to acquire a yellowish varnish, and today I will show you my purchase - Orly Nail Lacquer (40765 - Glowstick)

My first attempts to apply nail polish shocked me! The first layer turned out to be terribly striped, but this happens often and I set to work on the second layer. Essentially nothing has changed: to go out with such nails "into people" is unreal! I zealously began to apply the third layer: here the picture became a little clearer, the coating became more or less homogeneous, but bald spots were still visible nearby. I applied the fourth layer for the experiment, as I have already come to terms with the fact that I will not wear this varnish due to the fact that the four layers of varnish will look very messy, or they will very quickly break off the nail plate. After the work done, I was very surprised that everything doesn’t look so scary as I imagined, and that the hope for the best is still there! I covered these “sweets” with fixing-drying and after 20 minutes went about my usual business. As a result, the varnish lasted 3 days in its original form, and then began to rub on the tips. I was satisfied with the resistance. But then it was the turn of the color to show my tricks! I painted my nails I am in the room and was very pleased with the bright yellow color of the varnish, but as soon as I went outside, my yellow nails acquired a light green hue! Such miracles are created by this varnish!
It is convenient and quick to apply the varnish, the brush is very successful, so I will use it!

And now swatch (base + varnish in four layers + fixer)

Price: 60 UAH
Rating:4 (due to application)
Thanks to everyone who looked!

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