OPI are we there yet

This varnish was released in the OPI Touring America collection in the fall of 2011. Friend Svetik gave it to me, knowing my passion for all kinds of peaches, tangerines, etc.

Well what can I say: the varnish is gorgeous! There is a light, unobtrusive shimmer, which can be seen only macro and in sunlight. From afar - a perfectly smooth gloss.
If you like coral in any design, then this varnish is for you. Moreover, the quality is on top.
Using an ideal brush in my opinion, the varnish is applied very easily, without leaving striped furrows.
I apply a leveling base 2 layers, 3 layers "Are We There Yet?" and 1 layer of drying. This set of varnish lasts 5 days. I noticed that the nails become very strong. I connect it with a shimmer. It acts as an additional reinforcer.

Price: 316 rubles
Rating: 5

Watch the video: Are We There Yet? - OPI Touring America Collection - Distributed by Nazih Group. Nazih Cosmetics (February 2020).