Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Today is my post about Chanel # 549 varnish. I thought for a long time whether I needed it or not. But I decided to buy it all the same. Well, how is summer without such beautiful coral?

so Chanel Le Vernis # 549 Distraction
Why did I pull with him for so long, I won’t know))) Well ... now I have it, and I'm immensely happy.
Varnish pink-coral shade, with a pink shimmer, which is visible in the sun, with a flash, under artificial lighting. Shimmer gives depth to the shade, and makes it voluminous and lively on the nails. During the day, the shimmer is practically invisible, but thanks to it, the varnish pulsates with flowers. Pretty common for Chanel varnishes. I really like the application. I wear in two layers to the base, and on top of the top. I wore varnish for 4 days.

Varnish does not yellow my nails, with any base and with any top, read somewhere in the comments that it can.

Here is a little fuzzy, but it is clear that the varnish is not flat and not a putty, despite the fact that the varnish is quite dense. Pulse of varnish.

I am 100% satisfied with the varnish. I can go with him to work and walk, but anywhere. It is suitable for almost any clothing.
Cost: about 850 rubles on the map.
Rating: fine.

I hope you were interested?
Be happy!

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