Bang or not bang?

Good day, girls!
So I came to the conclusion that I need advice on bangs ...
The first time I cut my bangs in third grade. Then I had it, then it wasn’t. As a result, 3.5 years ago I grew it and since then I have not touched it anymore. And then something struck me (well, as always) and now I'm tormented by the question - to cut or not?
I collected all the photos that I could.
So, now what:

This is 11th grade:
This is also somewhere not far - maybe 10th grade:
This is a crisis of appearance somewhere between 11m and 10m. Do not criticize, please, I know everything))
What now - I’ll upload so you can see the length of the hair:

I can’t decide ... It seems that everything is fine, as it is, but it seems like I want to change something. In general - both I want and prick, as they say
What do you recommend?
No misters". Alice.

Watch the video: To Bang or Not To Bang. DIY cutting Fringe Bangs on Silver Hair (February 2020).