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It's about Yves Rocher Gloss and Yves Rocher Beauty mascara
Interested in? then under cat.

I have never used the make-up of this brand, and recently on my birthday I was given a shine and mascara, which are higher in the photo. And I was so impressed with these products that I decided to write a whole post about them.
1. Let's start with the carcass - Yves Rocher Beauty mascara in shade 81
Detailed opinion:
I won’t complain about my cilia, I think they are quite thick and long, and naturally twisted. However, they are naughty, they do not want to lie with a beautiful fan, and they have light tips, so mascara is my faithful companion. I tried a lot of different mainly budget and mass market.
But this mascara just won me over, let's take it in order:
Packaging: compact, narrow. 6.5 ml
Colour: My ink is black, the color is quite saturated.
Durability: She withstood the wind and my current eyes on it, although it is NOT declared as waterproof. It does not stand at sea with it, since in the evening when washing, as soon as water gets in, black circles immediately form. Well, this does not matter, since no one promised that it is waterproof.
Application: Mascara does NOT stick eyelashes, which makes me very happy, stains them all, not a single eyelash is left without. The only negative can be noted that it is very easy for her to stain her eyelid, she needs to be painted very slowly and carefully, or by putting a finger on it. Once applied, it is not printed anywhere.
Brush it’s fluffy, and a little uncomfortable for me, I just dye her eyelashes, and then straighten them in the right direction, comb with a brush clean from another mascara. It’s more convenient for me, so the point is not even in this brush.
So, a photo of the brush:
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Here they are my bare eyes:
But with mascara, you are to judge, but I am very pleased with the effect.

Price: the site costs 219 rubles
Test period: 1 month
Rating: 5
2. Next in line is the shine - # 1 Yves Rocher Gloss Pink Dreams.
Detailed opinion:
Packaging: Small compact, fits into the smallest cosmetic bag / 4.5 ml
Texture: I would call this gloss glossy; there is not a single sparkle in it.
Durability: It probably lasts about 2 hours, but does not leave a nightmare on the lips. The lips remain in a lighter, brighter color than the one that actually is, and it looks even. It does not clog into folds or slide.
Stickiness: It’s completely not sticky, I have a long head of hair, but in the wind, there is no disaster, those with long hair will understand me
Smell: I really like the smell, it’s difficult to describe, well, it’s something like a raspberry sweet chewing candy.
Moisturizing: I deliberately highlighted this point, since this cannot be noted. My lips are dry and flaky. But this shine, he just amazingly moisturizes them, all the crusts go somewhere, and it’s a pleasure to feel their softness. I have never noticed such an effect.
Applicator interesting enough shape, gaining a sufficient amount of brilliance.
Applicator photo:
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Bare lips
Here, the gloss is applied in one layer:
Here in two:
Price: 220 rubles
Test period: 1 month
Rating: 5

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