Catch the light - catch the shadow, or two effects in one varnish (part 1)

Hello, beauties!

When this instance caught my eye and I just could not resist! Having tried it on a chamomile first thing, I was amazed - I got a wonderful varnish that loves to play with light and shadow, shimmering with different effects, and today I want to show it to you
look at his metamarphoses

Stars Nail Polish A 19 Prism Series 13 ml

Detailed opinion: The texture of the varnish is light, like a souffle, very easily distributed over the nail.
Two holographic effects and mother-of-pearl / metallic were combined in one bottle - for me it was a discovery, maybe someone more enlightened than I can’t surprise you anymore, but I am a beginner lacomaniac, although there are already about 40 shades in the collection and I have come across this for the first time!
The holographic effect sparkles in the sun with red, blue, green, golden and silver sparks, while the shade shows the effect of golden mother of pearl / metallic with a greenish tint that reminded me of the famous Chanel Peridot, which I madly wanted but in a more complex version, you don't you think so?
The brush is thin and soft - at first I didn’t really like it, and then I realized that this varnish is different, more elastic, and you can’t apply it, because it will drag a delicate texture from the nail with each brush stroke
It lays down in one layer baldly and unevenly, if you press the brush hard, and dries quite quickly - a couple of minutes, and falls on the second layer perfectly, repeating the color in the bottle.
On the second layer (any varnish) I put Orly sek n dry, because someone will definitely need to do something urgent, and then the coating can’t live without drying ...
It is worn for 2-3 days, then the tips are rubbed, it is easily erased.
The varnish turned out to be very photogenic and it was difficult to choose frames for publication ...
here are the best angles
Swatch: metallic shine appears in the shade

in daylight both effects are manifested at once, overlapping each other, so I often see him
in the bright sun sparkles in all its glory

from a different angle, its true holographic effect is manifested

PS: Korean-made varnish, though the inscription "MADE IN USA" proudly flaunts on the bottle
(the consultant told me that this is a subsidiary / company of either the office, which is the representative of OPI in our city, or of the brand itself - I did not specify this and, having grabbed the treasured bottles, I went to the checkout counter)
Price: 400tg (80r)
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Yours, Katerina

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