100% hydration with Laneige Special Treatment Water Sleeping Pack

Good day, beauties. In anticipation of the summer, I wondered the search for moisturizers. An Asian LANEIGE mask came into my eyes. Here's what the manufacturer tells us about his products: “LANEIGE skin care products include the power of water, technology and science to moisturize the skin. Its exclusive“ water pump ”system provides deep skin water saturation, like a fresh water pump."
I thought that I still didn’t have a “water pump” for the skin if the memory serves, but I decided to order only a mini version of 20 ml:
Application (literally from the manufacturer): "Use in the evening after cleansing and applying toner and moisturizer. Apply a dot product (2.5 cm in diameter is recommended) on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, and enjoy the aroma for 3 seconds. Caution spread across the face from the inside to the outside along the skin. Go to sleep after the product is absorbed, do not rinse off (Wash your face the next morning). Use once or twice a week. "
Description I conquered to enjoy the fragrance for 3 seconds
Now about the product. It has a texture sooooo easy gel, in a jar it seems blue:
actually practically colorless
I adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer with accuracy, of course, I do not measure the diameter of the smeared sections with a centimeter, namely, I enjoy the aroma for 3 seconds)) sometimes more. The aroma is really very pleasant, it smells like a rose, but it is very fresh, the smell is a little watery.
In the morning I don’t even want to go to wash - the skin is so moistened that you really begin to believe that some invisible pump pumped moisture into it all night.
I have combi skin, but my forehead is dry and now, in the period of "sun-sea-beach", longitudinal wrinkles appear. So, after this mask, these wrinkles are not so noticeable even if you raise your eyebrows up (well, you understand me). The effect lasts about 2 days.
Pores do not clog (this is my eternal problem).
I have never regretted that I took the mini version, since the consumption is minimal, this jar is quite enough for the summer
Duration of use: about a month 2 times a week
Price tag: 4.5 euros for the mini version, 21 euros for a full-size 80 ml

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