For ladies who love poorer. Essie Lady Like

If you look at my posts, you might think that I paint nails with exceptionally bright and poisonous colors)))) But this is not so. I also work and communicate with clients, and sometimes it is just necessary to paint nails in something neutral and tender. I do not really like light shades, I have a few of them. One of them is Essie Lady Like, ordering which I imagined such a delicate pink-beige with a lilac shimmer (a little), a translucent texture. My expectations did not come true a little, but I’ll show you all the same!
Essie Lady Like - cream, without the slightest shimmer and not even a hint of it. Color - beige and lilac with a very small drop of pink. That's what Essie loves for - well, you won’t describe the color immediately and definitely))). So this one is a chameleon for me. Under different lighting and circumstances - completely different opinions about him
Due to the fact that I was not completely satisfied with the varnish - I also experimented with tops. What I will also demonstrate to you under the cut.

I have an American varnish - with a narrow brush
Texture - cream. Sometimes it seems that enamel))) This is the biggest minus for me, because such colors simply have to be with a gentle semi-jelly texture (for me)
Colour - it’s also difficult here))
On the first day, 2 people including my husband were told to me - yeah, it would be brighter))
The roofing felts are used to my bright nails, the roofing felts are true that it seems to me that my hands with him are the hands of some kind of half-dead person;)
In the sun the color is even less - beige-lilac notes, everything is ok
In general, everything is OK, a complete nude))
But in the shade - especially if your hands freeze ... that's it. I want to erase))
With your favorite cookie)))))
I think - it is this lilac note, which in theory should be a chip - spoils everything for me
My hands do not decorate this varnish
This color wants more beige than lilac
Well, in the twilight color is also good))
And the rest of the time - hands seem dirty. It seems to me

In addition to the color in this varnish, I really didn’t like the texture. Naturally, the experiments began;)
ChG gives a very clear wet and golden shine. And Dance of Legends is still better for dark varnishes;)
I liked most with Essie Tennis Corset (pinky) - gently and this enamel is smoothed
I’ll make a separate post about this comrade
That's what's good about varnish - durability. 4th day (sick, it was too lazy to repaint) - everything is ok. You can walk for a couple of days for sure. I usually don’t do that))
Rating Laku: 4 ---
Price: $ 5, or in Moscow time about 300 r

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