Estee Lauder Brow Bar or My Eyebrow Story

Eyebrows - the most prominent part of the face of any person. A correctly selected eyebrow shape can not only favorably emphasize the eyes, but also completely change the expression on the face.

Background. I am the happy owner of a thick and dark eyebrow, which I am very proud of and do not cease to thank Mother Nature for such generosity. I remember, even in kindergarten, girls were interested in whether I dye my eyebrows :) To change the shape of the beginning in school, in the 8th grade. I don’t know, but at that moment it seemed to me that the ideal shape of the eyebrows should certainly include a wide base and a thin tip.
A few years later, I embarked on a strategy to restore the natural shape of the eyebrows, gradually growing and expanding the tip. This was not at all easy for me: when plucking for several years, the hair atrophies and becomes weaker and less dark. Various oils came to the rescue, and especially DNC eyelash and eyebrow oil. Eyebrows have grown and acquired their original appearance.
However, I always dreamed of a natural bend, which I could not achieve on my own. The eyebrow styling studio Estee Lauder Brow Bar, which is located on the ground floor of the Central Department Store and is a small corner brand with additional services in the form of visage and eyebrow shape correction, came to the rescue. As the consultants told me, the studio is very popular among clients, so you can sign up for the procedure itself only after 2-3 weeks. The cost of the service is 990 rubles.
The godmother of my eyebrows has become Maria Sarukhanyan, a professional makeup artist and a very nice girl with huge brown eyes. The whole procedure took about half an hour, which went unnoticed. Below I will describe in detail each step.
1. Preparation. The master processes eyebrows with a tonic with a delicate aroma. If I'm not mistaken, it was Estee Lauder "Perfectly Clean".
2. Correction. The main stage of the entire procedure, including changing the shape of the eyebrows and giving a natural bend: plucking excess hair with tweezers both from the upper part and from the lower part of the eyebrow; cutting with small scissors some hairs according to the general concept. During the plucking it was a little painful, which is not at all scary, given the fact that at home I do this all the time.
3. Staining. In my case, Maria applied "Igora" in a brown tint only to the first and third part of the eyebrow, except for the middle, motivating it with a beautiful thick eyebrow. Thank you, it was very nice to hear it :) After 2-3 minutes, the paint is washed off.
4. Softening and care. Application of a magic night serum, a bestseller of the brand, "Advanced Night Repair" which soothes and softens irritated skin of the periobral space after plucking and painting.
5. Masking redness. The master masks the remaining redness using the “Ideal Light” corrector, after mixing two shades, light and medium, to obtain the most natural result.
6. Gloss guidance. Masha combed her eyebrows with a special brush, and also applied and shaded the Artist's pencil of the lightest shade in the brand line.
Total. The master did not radically change the shape of the eyebrows. The main changes are as follows: small hairs were removed, not visible to the eye, but visible on the camera; A slight natural bend is created by plucking some excess hairs. Eyebrows began to look more accurate and clear, and the eyes were more open, the "Brezhnev" bushiness went into oblivion, revealing beautiful perfect eyebrows to the world. The result exceeded all expectations!

I'm Asya. To me on "you" :)

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