Natura Siberica day cream for sensitive skin

Hello beauties!
Today I want to tell you about another product of the Russian brand Natura Siberik - day cream for sensitive skin with SPF20. In February, with the advent of the first sun, I was in search of sunscreen, but nothing was found in pharmacies or cosmetic stores. But I found this cream, and since the other tried and tested brand products left a positive impression, I decided to buy it.

Detailed opinion:
The cream has a thick gel consistency, milky white with a light pleasant aroma. The cream lays well on the skin, is quickly absorbed, not sticky, leaves no residue. In the cold time, moisturizing from the cream was not enough, but with the advent of warm weather, the cream moisturizes quite normally. After absorbing the cream, the skin is soft and pleasant to the touch. The foundation is well placed on this cream.
This cream is intended for sensitive skin, for the entire time of use no irritation has appeared on the skin (although sometimes I just get reddening from the water from the tap). Sun protection for the summer for me it will be small, but in the off-season it is enough.
The cream has a convenient and hygienic packaging with a dispenser, but you need to be careful and press the dispenser gently (the first time I pressed too much and the cream spilled a lot - it was more than enough on the face and décolleté).
The cream contains Rhodiola rosea (for sensitive skin care), allantoin (for moisturizing, nourishing and protecting), vitamin P (restores the skin structure and enhances its protective functions), SPF20 and organic chamomile and lemon balm extracts. The cream also contains: hyaluronic acid - up to 1%, matrixyl polypeptide - 3%, syn-ake polypeptide - 4%.
Full composition:
In general, a good light cream, which is perfect for spring-autumn, as well as summer (if you use additional sun protection). The cream is made in Russia, part of the organic components are certified in France. This Russian brand continues to delight me with good products at a very low price.
Price: 165 rub.
Test period: 2.5 months

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