Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Eye Cream - reviews

Over the past six months, I completely changed my care to a pharmacy. I used funds from different manufacturers, but the greatest impression, at the moment, was made by the Nuxe brand.

1. Nuxe Etincelante Radiance Resurfacing Cream. Cream peeling and radiance
My first remedy of this brand was a peeling radiance cream with acids, about which I read a lot of positive reviews. I bought it six months ago, at the same time I found out that it was being removed (already removed) from production.
This cream should even out the skin and face tone, as well as give it a radiance. I don’t know about the radiance, because these promises are very conditional. But here's how the cream smoothed the skin and reduced the black dots, I am ready to applaud him standing. I used it for the night, from December to February, I felt a change for the better after a couple of weeks, when I ran a hand over my face and did not feel any irregularities, then I noticed a reduction in black dots. Face tone improved after two months of use. A smell of cream deserves a separate word - the delicate aroma of lily stems, more than once opened a jar just to smell the cream. But, like all good things, this cream was removed from production, replacing it with an acid-free emulsion. If you meet this cream somewhere, I advise you to buy it.
Duration of use: 3 months
Price: 1600 rub. / 50 ml
Rating: 5+
2. Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser with 3 Roses. Three Rose Cleansing Micellar Foam
Gentle foam with a grassy aroma, perfectly removes makeup, does not dry the skin, rinses well with water and after washing there is no feeling that something is left on the face. This is the first remedy after the use of which I feel absolute purity, and this purity is natural, not "to creak", as is the case with other washbasins. I think it’s suitable even for sensitive skin. One bottle is enough for a month and a half, I use it in the morning and in the evening, I do not wash off the cosmetics from the eyes.
Duration of use: 1.5 months
Price: 800 rub. / 150 ml
Rating: 5+
3. Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Skin-Perfecting Purifying Lotion. Cleansing Lotion
The lotion is intended for oily and combination skin, should narrow the pores, refresh the skin tone. It has a pleasant floral aroma, perfectly completes the skin cleansing procedure. I like it very much because if there are inflammations on the skin, then it reduces them. The lotion may tingle the skin slightly, but not very much (apparently due to the zinc content). I can not say anything about narrowing pores, because this problem is not particularly relevant for me, but the tone of the face, indeed, has become smoother. One bottle is enough for me for 2 months.
Duration of use: 2 months
Price: 750 rub. / 200 ml
Rating: 5+
4. Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Purifying Cleansing Gel. Cleansing gel
Cleansing gel for oily and problematic skin. The gel has a pleasant delicate aroma, a thick consistency, is well distributed over the skin. It perfectly copes with its cleaning duties, also does not dry the skin, removes cosmetics well. I put it on my face, mixing it a little with water, this way a foaming gel is obtained and it is easier to wash off with water. I use it in the morning and in the evening, I do not wash off the cosmetics from the eyes.
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Price: 800 rub. / 200 ml
Rating: 5 (I don’t put a plus, because I like foam more than gel consistency)
5. Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Anti-Imperfection Care. Care for problem skin
Cream for oily and problematic skin, should tighten pores, reduce excess sebum and fight skin imperfections, as well as moisturize the skin.
It has a light mushroom aroma, cream-gel consistency, is well distributed over the face, makeup fits perfectly on it. I bought this cream after I came across its sampler. Previously, I did not particularly believe in such multi-tools that give several effects at once, but after trying this cream, I changed my mind. The cream, in fact, reduces inflammation, the face with it becomes fatter less, but the cream does not dry it, it does not clog pores. I really like that with him the makeup lasts longer. Perfect for combination skin prone to oily.
Duration of use: 1 month
Price: 900 rub. / 40 ml
Rating: 5+
6. Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux Anti-fatigue moisturizing eye creme. Eye cream
The cream should remove swelling, moisturize and fight the signs of skin aging. Designed for use in 25-35 years (but the pharmacy told me that it is suitable for 20-25 years). The cream has a delicate pleasant aroma of lily, a delicate texture. I can say with confidence that I found my perfect eye cream, because It perfectly moisturizes the skin and reduces bruising under the eyes. Positive changes were noticed after 2 weeks of using the cream, when the net disappeared under the eyes, and the decrease in blue under the eyes was especially pleased. As for edema, I can not say something, because I don’t have them. Still, I am inclined that the cream is well suited for young skin 20-25 years old, and for the category 25-35 it will be rather weak.
Duration of use: 1.5 months
Price: 900 rub. / 15 ml
Rating: 5+
If you want to try Nuxe products, ask the pharmacy for a kit that is suitable for your skin type, such kits will most likely be available. They look something like this:

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