Many-faced French. Color and experiments

Good day to all! The debate about the length of the nails, the "Khokhloma" on them, and the palette are eternal. Personally, I consider myself a fan of nail art, so I practice constantly and, in principle, at any length. Just for short, I’m not doing tough “Khokhloma”. She looks beautiful only on long nails. But this is subjective. Since there were like-minded people, I continue to share ideas in the French.
Today it will be in color, and many, many pictures.

The carpet on the left, as an element of the collage, is taken from here.

In the first part, Classic laid out the options in monochrome in a traditional range.
Here I will show colorful examples.
I will make a master class, of course. By "tigers" and "zebras". All other options are, in principle, simple. Because I don’t use stickers / forms for drawing a smile, I don’t even know how to do a “demonstration lesson” on them. But I will think about it.
So, let's start with a very simple one that fits any length of the nail.
The first option - on a classic basis we make a color free edge, the second option - is made on a color basis with a darker edge, in one gamut.
There may be plenty of options, instead of blue - the edge can be painted with any color of your choice. Recently, I spied an idea with 10 different colors, i.e. each finger has its own color. Very fresh for the summer, I plan to do in the near future, I will share the result.
Second. I really like the black jacket. I went sooooo long to him. It was, however, a little dumb. I looked at others, and thought for a long time. But now - this is one of your favorite options. He looks live very stylishly. Do not be afraid of experiments.
As a decor - a smile is framed with small sequins. They are laid out with tweezers, like bouillons, and it takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. It turns out a very elegant manicure for going to a disco.

Third. Again a black free edge, but on a bright pink background. Very contrasting and catchy. Sometimes "the soul asks."
It is important that the colors are matte. Because a similar option with a light shimmer - both pink pastel and plum edge, give a more gentle visual effect.

Well, and finally, those same "tigers". They can be allowed to walk only along the edge, or almost half the nail.
Safari and jung-style and everything that relates to it will never go out of fashion, the main thing is that there are not very many animal motifs and not all at once. We are still not in the jungle.

All my work done by me on my nails.
I am Corey, you can.
Thank you for reading, glad to any opinion.

Watch the video: Can You Hear Colors? TEST (February 2020).