Burberry iconic nude collection

Well, I waited for my happiness: Burberry released the first pallet! And I already have it!

Palette Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact came out as a limited edition. It consists of four squares: cream, nut, bronze and cream pink. Shades of products at the official promo are transmitted very well.
Unlike a regular bronzer Burberry warm glow, the shades of this palette do not have a clear yellow undertone, but rather a more pink or beige undertone. At the same time, they have less red than, for example, in a palette Guerlain Terracota Four Seasons. In other words, it is a very neutral bronzer, discreet, and very suitable for European beige leather. And what, I did not expect anything else!
Tanned girls will receive primarily a highlighter product, but pale-faced girls will receive two in one, including a bronzer (as seen on me).

Lipsticks will be included in the permanent collection. I don’t need all four lipsticks, but I bought two - Burberry Lip Mist #Field Rose and Burberry Lip Mist #Nude Peach.
I love the formula Lip mist for this brand, these are moisturizing translucent lipsticks with shine. The extra nude from this formula will not hurt me at all!

#Field Rose - This is a medium light brown pink, in general the color of my lips. The difference between this Mista is a barely noticeable shimmer, which, however, is not visible at all in life.
#Nude Peach - warm apricot hue.

And photos before and after. The light is mixed, but the white balance is true color. I'm wearing a new lipstick, myst #Field Rose, highlighter (eyes. cheekbones), as well as the following products:
Tonal: MUFE HD Foundation # 120
Concealer under the eyes: ARMANI High Precision Retouch # 3
Corrector: KEVIN AUCOIN The Sensual Skin Enhancer # SX-3
Powder: BURBERRY Sheer Powder # 01
Bronzer: BURBERRY Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact
Ink: BY TERRY Terrybly Mascara
Lip contour: NARS #Rosebud
Lipstick: BURBERRY Lip Mist # 213 Field Rose
For the eyes, I used the cream and pink sectors, and for the cheekbones, I brushed immediately over the three dark sectors. Of course, I did not forget the contour of the forehead and chin. Note that the powder itself in the very first photo also has a glow, radiance.

Here you go. I hope that my post will help you in choosing, but I don’t presume to advise "brother-not-think-what-there-to-think", yet I have a little bias towards the brand, as you know :)
I will try to give an objective assessment.
Lipstick rating: 5
Palette rating: 5- (minus for a shade of pink that could be brighter to fit like a blush)
Happy shopping and good weather!

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