Soft cleansing strips for all skin types Nivea Visage Refining Clear-Up Strips

Good day, beauties!
I want to tell you about the cleaning strips I use. It will be about them:
Full product name:
Nivea Visage Refining Clear-Up Strips - Nivea Visage Soft Cleansing Strips (For All Skin Types)
Country of Origin: Germany
The photo:
Attention, there are photos of the result on the strip, so it’s better not to go especially sensitive here, or to put aside everything tasty  
Those interested - I ask for a cut!

Detailed opinion:
I will not spread much about them. I bought these strips on the advice of my beautician, in order to somehow clean the skin of black spots, which I personally have the property, if they grow, turn into inflamed elements
The beautician said about them about the following: "... and to remove the black dots - buy cleaning strips, just take it from Nivea, because the rest are Generally About Nothing."
Honestly, I don’t know what the rest is about, because I obediently took these recommended ones and there’s nothing to compare them with me - these are the first
So, we bought stripes, came home and were going to use them
The box says what’s inside her:
And inside there are such mini-packages for different types of stripes, here I show both types:
We open the inner packaging and see there are such miracles glued to a transparent plastic base:
What to do with them? On the box there is an instruction:
From myself I’ll add a few words about how I use them:
- I make make-up of the zones we need
- Soaked in water with a cotton pad, I moisten these zones one by one
- I accept the expression Poker face
- I carefully glue the strips with dry hands
- I go for 10-15 minutes to read to the Beautician
- Tear off the stripes. Profit!
1) Why do I need a stone facial expression? - In order to go about your business, not to find that the strip suddenly fell off the game of facial expressions
2) Why do I glue strips with dry hands? - Because if they are wet from the outside, they will not adhere well and act accordingly, they will not effectively
3) Why glue carefully? - Because the strips do not let air through well and from careless work will make us a "bubble"
I also apply composition:
Well result. Sorry for the lack of aesthetics:
Terribly dirty nose:
Advantages and disadvantages:
+ Unobtrusive fruity odor
+ Nice fabric texture
+ Not tested on animals
+ The manufacturer claims the product is hypoallergenic
+ Unripe black dots will not stretch us, but in general - good work
+ Relatively economical product - I use it once a week, i.e. one package lasts for almost a month
- I don’t understand why the manufacturer decided to put in the box exactly 2 strips on the forehead and chin, and 4 on the nose, and not all equally
- If glued incorrectly, the strips leave a whitish mark
- To be honest, removing the strip from the nose is rather painful. But I already find fault with it
At first I bought for 268 p. in a pharmacy, then found for 215 p. without a card in Girlfriend - probably there is even cheaper
Test period:
About three months
Thanks for stopping by!
P.S .: I am Lena

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