MAC Eye Shadow Pro Refill Pan Reviews

Hello! For my birthday I was presented with such a custom MAC palette, which is perfect for daytime makeup. Cosmetics are an individual thing and it’s difficult to please here, but with this palette the donor got to the very point) Not only are there all my favorite colors and textures (pink-lilac-pearl-matte), so they are also the same color with my beloved at the moment earrings and dress)
The photo:

Detailed opinion: They told me how refills are taken out) thanks. So in the palette 2 pink shades, 1 beige and one purple-brown.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics): on fingers from left to right:
-ORB, beige upper left shade - matte (the sparkles in the photo are not from these shadows, they are some stray ones), well suited for brow space :)
- Naked lunch, pearl pink, upper right - frost
- Girlie, peach pink, lower left - frost
- Sketch, wine color, lower right - light implicit shimmer
In front of my eyes:
put a peach-pink color on the entire eyelid, pearl pink in the corners of the eyes, beige under the eyebrow and under the lower eyelashes and in the crease of the eyelid. For daytime makeup, I think it’s necessary to blend well, I don’t like when there are clear borders between the shadows, it seems to me that clarity is aging.
Recently, I stopped making bright gel eyeliner, I try to simply draw between the eyelashes with a brown pencil and mascara without any drama effects.
General form:
Price: about 50 dollars
Test period: month
Such custom maid pallets Mas are certainly expensive, the price is almost the same as Dior, and their design is more than modest. But they justify the quality at the height and price. In general, the palette left a good impression
Thanks for attention!

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