Lancome Ombre Absolue Mono Reviews

Hello, Beauticians!
Some of my favorite Lancome eyeshadows.

I love shadows. But mostly matte. And then I wanted something unusual spring, however bright (for me), I wanted to somehow bring my eyes down (after viewing all the beauty of Beauticians with new make-ups) I always wear my favorite make-up - eyes with brown matte shadows and a light transparent lip gloss. And then I wanted a chocolate or beige-nude matte lipstick and I wanted to shade my eyes in a different way. Seeing this interesting color at Lancome, I decided that I had made my choice. Here, I want to show you Eric - one of my favorite shadows.
Lancome Ombre Absolue Mono G40 Erika

Lancome Shadow Packaging
I liked the applicator, but I use it for other shadows (I apply these shadows only with a brush)
Further - the most laborious thing was the shadow of a very complex color - it turned out to be difficult to convey. I took a lot of photos. Both the color and the shimmer play differently under different lighting conditions and in the shade - now the shadows are gray, then olive, then silver ...
Daylight without flash
Artificial light flash
I met with Beautician recently, but I just don’t like swatch on my hands, fingers, sponges, macro, and so on, somehow it’s not realistic, IMHO, of course ...
We wear lipstick on the lips, not on the hand. Lipstick on the hand or on the finger and lipstick on the lips are completely different things. It’s the same as showing a smear of mascara on the hand and, girls, look what mascara I bought. Below in the photo you will see what a huge difference there is between swatch on the hand and how the shadows look on the eyes.
But! traditions are sacred. Swatch is supposed to be done - that's it! try, do swatch
Photo with a flash (I even got a golden shimmer on my hand, but actually it’s not)
Daylight. I applied shadows for the swatch with a brush, ran a couple of times on the arm and it is easy to immediately get such a saturated color
and so, daylight ... it turned out to be a simple gray color
Mysterious color, it’s difficult to clearly say what color the shadow is. Therefore, here's another photo of a beautiful model
in the sun
and here are such photos in daylight

These shadows are in the catalog Beauticians
Detailed opinion. The shadows are silky, they are well applied with a brush, I hold on all day, do not crumble under my eyes. I didn’t try to wear them solo (in my opinion, it will be too much on me - eyes with such a silver color) I like them in combination with brown shades and as a slight accent under the eyebrow. The shadows are very economical, I think I’ll have enough of them until retirement (and not so long before retirement) Here is another moment that pleased me - I put Eric on the water line and makeup lasts all day! The line does not float, does not roll into the corner of the eye and does not crumble under the eye. In general, when I need to remove makeup, I see shadows where I applied them - it’s better than any kayal. I was pleasantly surprised by this and love them even more, I refresh them with a constantly brown eye makeup. With such eye make-up, I love, for example, matte brown lipstick without nacre, transparent gloss without sparkles or as in the photo below - pencil makeup of lips with light pink and pink natural, blending light in the center of the lips, and a darker pencil along the contour and edges. Erica, in my opinion, looks interesting and refreshes eye makeup.
I wear them like this (girls, they look like plain silver on me, what should I do?)

Whole image

I am very pleased with the shadows, there are no comments on them - neither in quality nor in packaging. I think they’ll suit everyone - you can wear them solo, combine with other shadows, put your eye on the water line or vice versa, from above, shade the inner corner or apply under the eyebrow, for example ... The color is multifaceted - in the shade, in the sun, under artificial lighting, it is different.
Test period: 2 months
Rating: 5+
Price: 19.5 euros
Advice, comments, questions, criticism - accepted
Be beautiful!

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