Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color Reviews

On gray and cloudy days you want something bright. But while nature does not pamper us with bright colors of spring flowers - you have to create bright colors yourself, but my lipstick helps me in this Chanel from the series Rouge Allure in color No. 65 (Insolente).

The photo:
Lips without lipstick:
Lips with lipstick:
Detailed opinion:
Good day to all readers Beauticians! I want to tell you about one of my favorite acquisitions in recent times :) Initially, having bought this lipstick, it seemed to me that I would use it extremely rarely, only on special occasions. But taking advantage of it once - I could not deny myself the pleasure of using it very often. It is very pleasant to apply, the sensations on the lips are comfortable, it is not felt at all, the lips do not dry, do not roll and do not spread throughout the day. Very persistent, can withstand not only a cup of tea, but also a couple of cakes;) The smell is subtle. I prefer to use it in combination with arrows on the eyes, it turns out unobtrusively, but very beautifully. The color is universal, in my opinion, suitable for blondes and brunettes.
Price: OK. 1500 p. with discounts at Ile De Beaute.
Test period: 3 months.
I can safely give a rating of 5 to this product!

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