Who is talking about, and I'm talking about BB again! Aniplace Take Me Skin Recovery BB # 23

Hi girls!  
I always want to find the best of the best, we always love to compare something, so I have been using the BB for a long time and have loved many copies, but I always want to try something else new and unknown Curiosity is a terrible thing
The hero today is ANIPLACE Take Me Skin Recovery BB in shade # 23.

I have samplers for now, but I tried it - I will definitely order the full version.
One probe is enough for 4-5 times, BB cream is quite economical. I used almost 5 probes and I didn’t change a single opinion about it.
This is what the probes look like:

I have a hue of 23, i.e. it should be a little darker, but the shade is light, not whitening the face, without obvious yellowness, or pink, very versatile.
Let's look at the bibik in action on the skin
Skin Nude: Only a moisturizer, without a primer to fully see how the Bibik behaves)

I apply bb cream:

Immediately after the distribution of the cream:

After 10 minutes:

With powder veil, highlighter and bronzer:

Properties of this BB:
Persistence: until you wash it, unlike some others, it does not disappear during the day;
Finish: matte, not dusty and not super powdery
Density: quite dense
Disguise: Great
Mask Effect: None
In general, I liked this BB, I've been using it for a month somewhere, I have not disappointed! It doesn’t clog pores; I usually wash it off with hydrophilic oil
I’ll buy the full version later, I like that the tube with the dispenser is convenient and hygienic.
Rating: 5
Term of use: 1 month
Price: full version on jim $ 23 without delivery
Thanks for attention!