A small overview of new care products

Good afternoon, girls!)
Today I’ll do a small review of the new products in my care, these "new products" are already ending
A little about myself: combination skin, prone to oily. At the moment, it is also overdried. Black dots, enlarged pores.

1. Yves Rocher 3 Thes Detoxifiants Velvety Cleansing Milk Smoothing Effect - Silky make-up removal milk “Smoothing Effect”.

I don’t have the perfect make-up remover, so I always find it. One day, when a sweet girlfriend, a consultant, went into a store with her best friend, she praised this milk as simply unrealistic. She said that she herself uses it and knows nothing better than him.
I thought - thought and decided to take.
Milk with a pleasant smell, something remotely resembling olives, did not suit me. If you overdo it with milk (a little bit), then it starts to pluck terribly, eyes - reddening become and watery. Also leaves behind a terrible greasy film. Removes makeup badly, you have to rub your eyes. And all at a rather overpriced price.
Price: about 400r
Rating: 2
Test period 5 months

2. Toning lotion for daily facial cleansing "Moisturizing and balance" by Natura SibericaFor oily and combination skin.

To begin with ...
Girls, what is lotion for you? For me, tonic and lotion are almost synonyms, i.e. something liquid-shaped)
The same lotion actually turned out to be milk
Although ... here I'm certainly not right, I had to carefully read the inscriptions on the tube "thanks to the creamy texture ..."
I had a panic fear that this remedy would clog my pores, but the fear was in vain. I use this lotion after I clean it with milk, then I wash it with gel, and then I use it.
This lotion didn't pore me, I didn’t cause allergies, I didn’t notice any cleansing effect. The only thing, because of the creamy texture, I want to wash it off, and this is already a significant minus.
Price: about 170r
Rating: 3
Test period 3 months

3. La Roche-Posay Effaclar H - Cleansing soothing mousse.

Pretty popular remedy on the Beautician)
I bought this product in the winter, when I dried my skin. A good product was needed that would clean well, but also not dry.
La Roche-Posay Effaclar H is the perfect cleanser! After using it, I feel that the skin is really clean, while there is no feeling of tightness. For dry skin, this remedy is just salvation! By the way, the tool is quite economical - I’ve been using it for 4 months and the spray can’s not empty
It has a very delicate texture - a mousse similar to shaving foam)

For knowledgeable - composition:

Price: about 900r
Rating: 5+
Test period 4 months

4. Green Mama - Facial scrub "Pine nut and Ussuri hops."

As soon as I saw the texture of this scrub, I was negatively tuned, but in vain!
The scrub smell is rather strange, but not annoying. Texture ... The texture is very fine, resembles sand. 2 types of clips: a little harder and weaker. I do not like such a texture! I love when there are large granules.
But despite my preferences, I can not help but note that the scrub does an excellent job of cleansing! Cope especially well with black dots. I use it 2 times a week and still can’t get enough of everything - an excellent tool for good money.

And the composition:

Price: about 170r
Rating: 5
Testing period 7 months
Thanks for attention!

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