Dance Legend # 500 + Lady Rose # 553

I love blue varnishes, here is one from my collection
Dance Legend # 500
Varnish itself is moody, it is impossible to apply the first time. And the second layer should be dense so that there are no stripes.
In general, this is the case with all varnishes of Dance Legends.
But the shade is worth it, rich, deep blue. Looks great both in daylight and in artificial lighting.

The brush of this color is completely different than the usual dance, it is short and not thin at all.

The varnish is ideal as a base for various glitters and tops, such as mica and sparkles, everything looks great on it.

Price: 150 rubles
Rating: per shade 5
for drawing 3
Lady Rose # 553
Was purchased in a rive gaucher, for experimentation. Transparent base, thick, with lots of hexagons and small sparkles.
It grabs one layer, does not dry instantly. It looks best in bright sunshine, in the shade it loses its luster.
It is put on Dance.

It turned out sooo bright, attention from everyone was provided.

I am an extravagant girl, in terms of nail polishes, I can afford to go even with such an insanely bright manicure. But for some it will be too much.

Price: 150 rubles
Rating: 5